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Recent Events 

Bunbury bells recorded for the ITV drama Home Fires

Our bells were used as a soundtrack for episodes of the ITV drama series Home Fires that was filmed in Bunbury village and the surrounding area in 2014 and 2015.  The sound engineer attended one of our practice nights to record our regular band.  You can listen below to the recording that was used in that episode.


Tower Open Day

On Ascension Day 2016 the church tower was opened for visitors to climb up to see the bells, and then ascend to the roof to experience the magnificent views over the surrounding countryside. The weather on the day was perfect and over 30 visitors made the ascent.

Olympic Ringing

For the 2012 London Summer Olympics the artist Martin Creed invited everyone in the UK to ring a bell at 8.12am on 27 July, the day of the Olympics opening ceremony, as part of his London 2012 festival project “All the Bells Work No 1197”.  Bunbury ringers joined the event by ringing our tower bells at the appointed time. 

Armistice Day Centenary

As in the video below, Bunbury's ringers joined other towers across the UK on 11 November 2018  to ring our bells at 12.30pm as one of a number of national events to commemorate the  Armistice Day Centenary.  

Home Fires Bell Recording - Bunbury Bellringers
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