We Want To Be...

'A parish church at the heart of our communities, seeing God's heart in everyone.'

Our vision and purpose is shaped by the love of God and our care and concern is for all. 
We believe God's love is for all - we are all God's children - therefore we want everyone in our communities - young and old - to feel welcome, accepted and affirmed.

We want to share God's love in our daily lives and our worship together.
Our worship is for all ages, encompassing a breadth of traditions and styles, aiming to be uplifting and inspiring, engaging and transforming.
We are renewed together through music, prayer, reading and listening to God's word, and sharing communion.

We believe our faith is stronger when we work and worship together.
We respect each other and value diversity and difference.
We are a family who seek to live in love and peace with all.

We want to celebrate and develop the gifts and talents of all.
Ours is a shared ministry and mission.
Our Vicar is supported by a committed PCC, Pastoral Visiting Team and lay ministry team.
We believe we are the body of Christ in our communities, called to serve.


Our goals for the next 5 years are:
1) the discerning and developing of everyone's different gifts and talents, so we can all play our part in the life and worship of our churches and chapels.
2) the growth of our church family across all generations, so God's love can be seen and shared by all in our communities.
3) the wise stewardship of our buildings and finances, so they are fit for purpose for our generation and the next.